Materia started 2004,the founder is a dentist and was aware of the importance of quality factor in dental supplies which will make you switch for more reliable brands names of quality that meet the expectations of the dentist and patients .

Materia is a leader in the dentistry field, providing our clients with the best dental supplies and equipment sourced from Italy, France, Germany, England and much more. Our team is here to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our products and to receive the service that you deserve.

At Materia dental supplies company, we are not only concerned with your dental supplies and equipment but your entire clinic environment to be pleasant and relaxed for both patient and dentist. We guarantee after meeting us you will have a great new prospective on service and deals that we offer.

We do our absolute best for you to receive your supplies with a great service, maintenance and payment options.

This is Materia Dental Supplies difference.


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